Tool for Wikipedia {{Citation}} Citations and Refs

This tool is based on Template:Citation/doc. Style: Ampersand between last 2 authors CS1 style (full stops between items)

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last Last name of 1st author, e.g. Smith or Watson Jones
first First name(s)/initial(s) of 1st author, e.g. Peter, Lesley W. or F.J.
year Year of publication, e.g. 1825 or 2009
title Title of the article in the journal, e.g. Chilean Birds
journal Journal name, e.g. Journal of Applied Ornithology or Nature
volume Volume number, e.g. 12
issue Issue number, e.g. 3
pages Pages within the volume of the journal, e.g. 338-95; can use simple - which will be converted.
url Full URL where a digital copy of article is located, e.g.
accessdate Access date in WP-approved format, e.g. 2009-12-18, 18 December 2009 or December 18, 2009
doi Digital Object Identifier, e.g. 10.1000/182
Extra For expert use: any other fields with field title and any needed | separators, e.g. others=trans. E.G Smith
Page(s) Used only in the ref, e.g. 6 or 112–23; for multiple pages, can use simple - which will be converted.
Short ref names