Tool for Wikipedia {{Citation}} Template Citations and Refs

This tool is based on Template:Citation/doc. Style: Ampersand between last 2 authors CS1 style (full stops between items)

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last Last name of 1st author, e.g. Smith or Watson Jones
first First name(s)/initial(s) of 1st author, e.g. Peter, Lesley W. or F.J.
year Year of publication, e.g. 1825 or 2009
title Title of Book, e.g. Chilean Birds or Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 5
edition Edition of book, e.g. 4th
publication-place Place of publication, e.g. New York
publisher Publisher, e.g. Hamilton Press
isbn ISBN, preferably 13 digit [converter], e.g. 978-0-87022-176-7
oclc OCLC number only if book is too old for an ISBN, e.g. 15190032
url Full URL where a digital copy of the book is located, e.g.
accessdate Access date in WP-approved format, e.g. 2009-12-18, 18 December 2009 or December 18, 2009
Extra For expert use: any other fields with field title and any needed | separators, e.g. others=trans. E.G Smith
Page(s) Used only in the ref, e.g. 6 or 112–23; for multiple pages, can enter simple - which will be converted.
Short ref names